Our working method is based on 5 milestones:

1. Getting Acquainted / Briefing

Your briefing is our basis for a concept that hits the mark. We have to understand what you want to achieve with your event. Only this way, is it possible for us to tailor a concept specifically to your needs.

Who are your guests? What’s special about your company? How is your company or your brand positioned? The more information you give us, the more targeted we can elaborate our concept for you. This way we can work efficiently and the chance is given that we already meet your expectations with the first conception.

2. Conception Phase
As soon as we are acquainted with your briefing, we start our work. Now our creative heads are required. This way, an idea for a concept individually suited to your needs emerges. Following this, the concept is planned, the locations and artists inquired, and each item on the draft is calculated in detail. We reserve all inquired services for you to ensure that you can count on a smooth implementation. This includes every detail, such as fire protection regulations, safety and security measures, etc. If desired, we visualize your event with 3D animations of the rooms and create a three-dimensional storyboard for you to give you a real impression of how the event will be. Of course our concept can still be adapted. You always receive open price quotations to make sure that you can exactly relate all the costs and always have complete transparency.
3. Presentation / Concept Adaptation
After we have presented our concept to you, it’s about time to conduct a fine-tuning together. This means to determine all of the details and terms. Afterwards, all questions should be answered and the implementation can begin.
4. Realization / Implementation
With your approval of the concept, the final draft, or “script”, is elaborated and your event begins to take shape. In this phase, the researched facts turn into orders. We now create direction and process plans for you, for us, and for all cost units; we make drawings and enter the building phase.
5. Your event
Our first priority at this point is ensuring that you feel like a guest at your own event, since we make sure that the event is realized smoothly and according to the schedule.